Our Services

What we do

We came up with Duplicator.pro for downloading and editing Landing Pages (Landers) and small websites. At the moment the service has the following features:

  • Download the landing page by the URL or from the archive;
  • Clean landing page code from suspicious metrics, malicious scripts;
  • Edit the page in the built-in visual editor;
  • Download the result in the archive for use in your projects.


There is no limit to the size of the sites. There are many technologies for creating websites in the world, sometimes the result of downloading may be different from the original. Therefore, the service will offer to pay for the result of the work only after you are sure that you got exactly what you need. Please note that downloaded materials can be copyrighted. Service is not responsible for possible copyrights violation.

Download the site by URL

Enter the address of the page you like and it will be downloaded right away!


Our robot will scan the links on the landing page and save all related pages.

Cleaning scripts

We can automatically cleanse your landing page from unnecessary and even harmful scripts. This can be, for example, suspicious metrics or unnecessary popups.

Lazy Loading

В In this mode, during the download, we execute all JS and load dynamic content, saving it.

Visual Editor

You can use the built-in Visual Editor and edit any page of your landing page.

What if it doesn't download?

Because of the variety of technologies available, we cannot guarantee the successful downloading of any site. First you see the result. If you are satisfied with it, you pay only for downloading the site archive. The number of edits and downloads of this project is unlimited.


No hidden fees, everything is transparent.


1 Landing Page

$10 $10 per 1 site

5 Landing Pages

$40 $8 per 1 site

10 Landing Pages

$60 $6 per 1 site